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15 November 2008 @ 01:15 am
Anna Interview w. Conor Nolan  
 It's been a while but i found a new interview of Anna just recently and decided to share it here :)

Conor Nolan is impressed
by Narnia actress Anna Popplewell


TO CELEBRATE the launch of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on DVD on Monday November 17, I was invited to have an exclusive interview with Anna Popplewell, who plays Susan in the two movies. Sitting in my comfy chair opposite a very petite Anna, who was lost in the huge sofa, we began our chat by talking about the whole experience of being cast in the first movie at 13, not shooting the first one until she was 15, turning 16 when she was on set, filming Caspian when she was 18 and turning 20. On the first film she was away from home for seven months and it was a very big adventure for her being part of one of cinema's biggest franchises outside of Harry Potter. "I have never done anything on this scale before and it's the biggest part I have had, but I started when I was seven doing TV, and a couple of independent movies." She said that being a young actress in what is basically a huge machine had been a surreal experience, and she confessed to a few choice moments: "I found myself being suspended in harnesses from cranes doing action scenes, and once had to be microphoned – with six people up my skirt fiddling around with mikes." "Brilliant and strange" was how she described life on both movies. Ironically, during filming she excelled in her academic qualifications and while shooting Caspian she would do a 12 hour day on set, then three hours of studying with her tutor. "I came back for three weeks in the middle of the shoot to do my A levels, which was quite a weird thing to deal with, but it was a big challenge and I did it." Anna actually got straight As, is currently reading English Literature at Oxford and is an active participant in the college drama society. Anna's has been an extraordinary journey, and one that comes with attendant publicity requirements and press interviews – but she is clearly not fazed by it. "I feel really lucky as I have quite grounded people around me and I lead a very normal life. "I take the bus, go to the cinema – but I did have a few funny looks at lectures when I first started at university." Anna doesn't have a publicist, which I thought was a nice change, and in stark contrast to one of the High School Musical 3 cast members I interviewed. Although Anna is still reading scripts, she is totally focused on her studies now and will finish her degree before deciding what movie project to do next. All told, a very refreshing, beguiling and highly intelligent young woman and I will be watching her future career with great interest. I bet she has no problems standing a round in the Students' Union after the success of the Narnia movies!
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nowthatsmint on November 18th, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
done :)